The Dredger TV Seasons

Business Lesson’s Learned.

At The Dredger TV, we produce contents that help startup and small business founders in Malaysia, to learn from other founders that have done it, so that they can avoid the same mistakes. 

Below we profile the programs that we have done.

We hope that you enjoy our program selection and email us if you want us to produce content specific to your needs.


Startup Malaya

Startup Malaya profiles startup founders and their journey. This is our flagship program.

Gali Buku

Gali Buku attempts to translate business ideas from authors and apply it to the real world. 

Field Reports

Field Reports are our attempt to “eat the dog food”. We try out products in the market and see what is the big deal and how it can help startups.

The Specials

The Specials includes in depth profiles of startups, their operations, event live streams and topics that deep dive into issues affecting startups.

Cerita Reviews

Founders work hard, but they must play hard too to have balance. This program is our attempt to let our hair down. Reviews includes movies, tv shows and anime.